How To Get Connected

The hardest thing (and yet one of THE most important things) to do in a church- regardless of its size- is to make meaningful connections with others. Each of our lives are busy; filled with commitments and obligations; and pull us in many different directions. As a result, it’s hard to connect with people, oftentimes so different than you, within a new church.

It takes effort to both begin and maintain relationships, and that’s no different within the Church.

While a church can’t make connections for people, we do want to give you opportunities to connect, make the path to connection clear, and educate those who join us how to do so.

The following are some of the best ways to connect at Free Church.

Attend Services Regularly-

You’ll see and meet lots of people, get familiar with our DNA as a church, get into the rhythm of things taking place, and learn of ongoing ways to connect.

Attend an OnRamp Lunch:

OnRamp is held throughout the year to help new people learn more about our church, meet some leaders, find out how to get connected and serve. OnRamp is also on our Freeway path to serving, Freeway classes, membership, and leadership.

Join A Free Fam Home Group, take a Freeway Class, or participate in a Support Ministry Group:

Home Groups are held around our community in semesters throughout the year, with a focus on relationship, prayer, and ministering to one another. Freeway classes are learning environments (sometimes held in homes during Home Group semesters) to grow in your relationship with Christ, and meet others on the same journey. Our Support Ministry is a way to learn, grow and share alongside others who are facing similar challenges, seasons, and situations in life.

Become a part of Team Free by serving in a ministry:

The best way to build relationships is serving alongside others with a common goal. There are many ministries you can serve in- in and outside of the church- at Free Church.

Attend church social events, activities, trips, meals, and parties:

At Free Church, we choose fun. There is always something fun planned that we’d love to have you join us and build community with others!

Officially become a part of the Free Church family by becoming a Member:

Membership is an official recognition that you are on mission with Free Church, take ownership in our mission, vision, purposes, beliefs, and DNA, and support these things through time, serving, and giving.


Jesus said; “where your treasure is, your heart is.” We believe that if you give to support the ministries of Free Church, your heart will be in it, and if your heart is in it, it’s easier to connect with others who care about the same things.