Our mission as a church is—
To connect people to an everlasting, committed relationship with Jesus Christ and with others.
Our vision is—
To be a multiplying movement of passionate followers of Jesus who impact their communities and beyond with grace, love, and hope.
Our Purposes is—
What We Do “WORSHIP the Lord Jesus Christ;
GROW in relationship with Him;
CONNECT in authentic, encouraging, and accountable relationships with each other;
SERVE and meet the needs of the world around us; and
SHARE the grace, love, and hope that we have found in Jesus Christ in a tangible way with everyone.”
Our DNA answers that question— “How Do We Do Church?”
Our DNA is—
Our DNA is our unique Culture here at FC, our Core Values, our Code of Conduct that establishes How We Do Church in order to see our Mission accomplished and our Vision realized. Each ministry and the way we operate them here is driven by our DNA.

The following are our DNA Statements:

We're the Coast Guard - FREE CHURCH
We are water buffalos -Free Church DNA
If you're saved, you serve - Free Church DNA
We choose fun - Free Church DNA
We are for This Generation - Free Church DNA
We do More by doing less - Free Church DNA
We ride waves and roll with the punches - Free Church DNA
There is NO Fence - Free Church DNA